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Mosaic's ice cube - Just add it.

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Tigris Sprite Packs are free for personal and commercial use under CC3 license.

This means you can use them any way you wish as long as you give credit to the author.


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Tigris Sprite Packs are Free
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Note from the Author

Hey guys and gals, I am a game artist who recently decided to start making my own free sprite packs.

Sprite packs posted on this page are completely free. You can also follow my GitHub repository, which I started to use for storing the most recent versions of my sprite packs. Every once in a while I might adjust or extend them with new powerups, ground tiles and foreground items.

If you have questions or want to submit a theme request just email me at dev@tigrisgames.com and I will respond in a bit. I usually check my email all the time. (Oh, really?)

To get started simply download any of the sprite packs you see on this page. They are yours, completely free to use in your own games. Some of the sprite packs are sets of collectible items, others can be used to create complete game world maps.

Please submit a donation if you like and want to support my free sprites.

Free Sprite Pack #1 - Winter Ice Basin

Date Released March 19th, 2017 497Kb

Welcome to the snow world! This is my first ever official sprite pack.

Explore an old sunken ship, or walk across snowy grass landscapes all the way to the abandoned mill tower. Go up and down ladders on a city floor, collect edible items as oranges, apples and bananas or eat a piece of chocolate cake! Anything is possible in the winter ice basin world!

Free Sprite Pack 1 - Winter Ice Basin (Preview)

Preview Only (See below)

Do not right-click and save. Get the official files by downloading the *.zip archive by clicking on the button below. It includes the original *.psd file with transparency, and layers. Sometimes my sprite sheets include overlapping objects, and the Zip Archive includes them separately, so you don't have to crop them out by hand.

Winter Ice Basin *.zip - 497kb

Download Free Sprite Pack #1 - Winter Ice Basin.

Description: This sprite pack, "Winter Ice Basin" includes a spritesheet featuring a sunken ship, a tower building, grassy ground tilesets, snow covered terrain, water, underwater ice, tiled city floor, four-directional floor lights, snow bumps and random terrain irregularities, fallen autumn leaves, chocolate cake, chemistry items, a coke can, monster can, red bull can, tall coka cola cup with a straw, orange, apple, banana, egg, chopped wooden logs, white petal flower with green leaves, milk container and milk carton, rock, wood, cherry, small satchel, bone, rib cage, human skull, monkey skull, square, triangle and round precious stones, chocolate cherry pie, a hot liquid drinking cup such as tea or coffee, grass and seeds in different stages of growth, carrot, semi-buried egg, a dark pumpkin, plants, ground dent, graphics UI window with close button and status bar, arrows, hand cursors, wait cursors, resize cursors, birds in water, chicken, buoy, life saver (preserver), snowy islands in the water and dirt.

Tigris Sprite Packs are designed to simplify the life of indie game developer by providing completely free spritesheets, tilesets and thematic worlds. Are you a programmer and don't have the time to draw your own graphics? Download and experiment with sprite packs on this page, plug them into your 2D tile-based game engine, and watch your game world come to life. Or even edit existing tiles to adjust colors, or even the style matching your vision. They're all yours for free, for any reason, and you can use them in any way you want as long as you give credit to the original author.

Thanks for your support and if you'd like you can submit a donation to help me continue doing this work.

Sprite Packs are Copyright River Tigris, LLC (Aka, Tigris Games)

My name is Greg Sidelnikov (aka Dev Tigris on YouTube.) I am an owner of small indie game development company Tigris Games. On this page I share video game art I created in my spare time. It's yours to use in whatever way you wish, as long as you give credit in your work to the author (me) and if possible, add a link back to this page.