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How to Contact Tigris GameDev

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May 8, 2013
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By using the form below you are contacting Tigris Games. Which is kind of a one-person indie studio. If you can say that. You can use this form to contact me for one of the following reasons.

Press release request. If you're looking for more information to publish a press release about Mirrorgate, this is the right form to use. Due to high volume production on this project, there is always unpublished material lying around somewhere, available upon request. Please let me know how and where it will be used. Thanks!

Gameplay suggestions. You've played the Mirrorgate demo, and have a feature request, or know how to improve the gameplay. Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas, and I know, some of the best ones don't have to come from the original developer of the game. Everyone's suggestion matters. Sometimes, there are things I don't see that others do.

Posting a link from back to your website. If you are interested in posting a backlink to your website, please make sure that it is an indie game, something related to game development or at least a programming website. This website accepts do-follow links to other websites to help others indies with visibility.

Advertisement. You can advertise on this site by reserving your spot. Header, sidebar and footer ads are available. Depending on what it is you're trying to promote... special collaboration or cross-promotion... so long as they are indie game development related in some way or another... are welcome. Please contact me for more details.

Donations. Making a game is a lot of work. Lots of times, the indie developer is left working for free, conjuring up all resources possible to fund development of the game. During this time you are welcome to help support Mirrorgate, if you have invested interest in helping the project grow. My PayPal email address: Your support is appreciated!

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