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Tutorial 14: Bone Animation
Multiplayer Adventure Game
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Random Soulmate Generator

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Oct 17, 2016
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Volume #25

It's time to dream up your soulmate.

One pixel lips at a time.

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Volume #18 | Sep 7, 2016

Mirrorgate is an online multiplayer game, built primarily in the spirit of independent art games. It's an experiment that came from years of learning, making art and software. Game features adventure packed story line, crafting and world building elements.

The demo, currently in development, is an intro sequence where you will meet Des and Val, the two main characters who will introduce you to the world of Mirrorgate. And they don't even know it. One of our goals with the game was to achieve balance between story and believable characters and somehow weave them into Terraria-inspired gameplay.

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Testing a new game page

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Volume #15 | Aug 28, 2016

My new draft. This page was created as a testing ground for game profile. It is not finished yet, by any means, but it's a starting point. Eventually, the template will contain layout designed specifically for descriptions of indie games.

Did you really just read all this? ;)

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