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The indie game development community is growing fast. In particular HTML and JavaScript game programming. Not only due to inherent accessibility of web browser programming, but also due to the increasing performance of canvas tag, and advent of WebGL, which is like doing C++ programming using JavaScript.


JavaScript HTML5 Game Development Tutorials

A note from all of us at Tigris, well that's just me Dev Tigris, the name I am known by due to my YouTube channel.

I have been researching game development for many years. Earlier this year, in January I have started an experimental YouTube channel dubbed Substitute Teacher at first, where I published programming tutorials.

Later on, to reflect focus on indie game development Dev Tigris became its new name. Being an indie developer specifically, it means being part of the community. And it is in this spirit that I wanted to share my gamedev knowledge with other gamers and indie game developers.

I hope that Tigris Games will attract both indie game developers and people who play video games. There are gamers who would love to learn how to make games. And there are developers who would love to learn how to make their own games, without having to use point & click game maker software (that often puts additional licensing restrictions.)

The primary goal of Tigris Games gamedev tutorials will be to show, that programming games from scratch is not only just as effective as using game maker software, but it also gives you more control over the code and optimizations.

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